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Redesigning Museum Framing's online presence.

Museum Framing

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Museum Framing was a brick and mortar business for years and wanted to build its online presence. Museum Framing attempted to get online but the less than reputable company that Museum Framing was working with tried to present them with an unfinished, non-functional website. Furthermore, they wanted museum framing to pay for the unfinished product. Museum Framing approached GEMI and started work on what is now a site that presents users with intuitive navigation and an enjoyable user experience.

what we did

Our team worked closely with Museum Framing to understand their work and craftsmenship thus accurately representing their business online. We researched and studied competing businesses in the area and across the US while becoming acquainted with the terminology and industry jargon. We then took all our research materials and created a user friendly site that aids in reaching Museum Framing's business goals. The site's navigation enables easy access to desired information quickly and effectively while building customer trust.


Museum Framing now has a site that works for them and gives them a more sophisticated and mature style. The site acts both to aid business goals and to facilitate user interaction and overall experience.



About Museum Framing

Museum Framing is an exceptional framing studio located in Old Town Alexandria. Museum Framing has worked with high profile clients such as the US Department of State and US Congress as well as individuals; preserving priceless artifacts, rare prints, diplomas, maps, and more.

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