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Reinventing M&G Contractor's brand identity and digital presence.

M&G Contractors

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M&G Contractors wanted to increase sales and unify the company through their branding. M&G Contractors approached GEMI to help them come up with a strategy that would unify the company and brand through careful planning, good design, and marketing; with a large foucs on information architecture and internal operations process.

what we did

We worked along side employees at M&G Contractors to develop an internal management system and redefine their information architecture. This maximized overall efficiency in sales and customer service. What once took an account manager 45 seconds to process now only takes 15 seconds to process on the new management system. The system has increased productivity by up to 3 times from the previous system creating more sales and happy customers.


M&G Contractors now has a new brand identity that unifies the entire company and its offerings both digitally and in person. Increased efficiency and sales though branding, strategy, and digital design has lead to a rise in profit for the company. M&G Contractors now has a modern website focused on user experience where customers can quickly and easily, learn about offerings and navigate through efficient user interface design.


2010 (Ongoing)

About M&G Contractors

M&G Contractors was founded in 1986 with the vision of being a quality alternative to big name construction companies.

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