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This Virginia based start-up brings together DJ's from around the DC Metro area to some of the most upscale nightclubs, lounges, and venues. Ace of Spades Entertainment partnered with GEMI to create an upscale, elegant logotype for their brand identity. Using the logotype as a starting point ace of spades uses it to produce media for all aspects of their business' marketing efforts.

what we did

The client was looking for an elegant logo that embodied a classy brand. The use of the Zapfino typeface personifies this elegance and is augmented by a bold, yet soft, spade background. The shapes within the spades are stylized appropriations of the Zapfino "S," further embodying that sense of class and sophistication. The golden hue allows it to stand out without being too aggressive with the foreground.



About Ace of Spades Entertainment

M&G Contractors was founded in 1986 with the vision of being a quality alternative to big name construction companies.

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