mar•ket•ing [mahr-ki-ting]

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." - M. Twain

This is where we take your strategy and design and implement into action. The action of promoting your business is what drives in new customers.

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    We build, develop, and refine your identity into a brand that your customers learn to trust and believe in. Customers' instant recognition of your brand, and knowledge that you put out a quality product is a prioritized element that should be second to none. See how GEMI can help you develop your brand.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social media allows customers to experience your brand and interact with other users of your brand. Social media marketing lets you both build personal relationships with your existing customers and potential customers; and collect raw data about products that lead to more precisely targeted advertising.

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    Digital Mobile Advertising

    Targeted, low cost, low risk, and most importantly uninterruptible. GEMI Digital Mobile Advertising (DMA) is an innovative, technologically advanced way of displaying targeted advertising to a known demographic concentration. The CPM is far lower than conventional media and produces an amazing 97% recall rate.

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    Digital Signage Arrays

    Digital Signage is a great way to captivate and impress your customers on-site. We at GEMI actively research and develop signage arrays and digital signage technology. This allows us to pass on our knowledge and expertise onto you. Let us help you research, plan, install, and maintain your network of digital signage displays and signage arrays.