Unlimited Imagination. Unparalleled Efficiency.

"If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious." - Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

Autonomous learning robot drivetrain prototype

Why Do We Research?

From the beginning we have designed to be better not newer, adaptive rather than rigid, all while striving to get more from less. Efficiency is at the core of everything we do.

The GEMI Design Laboratory is based in Northern Virginia within driving range of Washington DC. The Design Laboratory compliments the work we do as a design firm. Experiments here have been applied to both digital and tangible projects, internally at GEMI and externally for our clients.

real time vectoring (RTV)

Logotype applied utilizing Real Time Vectoring (RTV)

From Concept to Production

The GEMI design laboratory is focused on GEMI experimental concepts. Acting on our belief in a multidisciplinary approach we encompass and embrace development across a wide range of activities that may serve to benefit us and our clients.

Many of our design concepts and experiments are taken into production. We then use them to maximize efficiency wherever necessary. This in turn benefits our clients by granting us the capability to deliver better, more efficient solutions for them.

ipad 1 with smart cover

Seamless Integration of Smart Cover with 1st gen iPad

Continuous Learning

Most of our projects arise not from a direct agenda, rather they come about purely from observation and curiosity; everyday problems we encounter. Unhindered by profit margins and uninhibited with time constraints, our experiments truly take on an experimental characteristic.

We at GEMI are of the mindset that learning is a never ending process. Each and every one of our employees is devoted to furthering their knowledge. Our laboratory allows us the freedom to experiment and build upon our studies which gives us the ability for continued learning through a hands-on approach.

daylight readable monitor design

Digital signage hardware research and development

Good Design

The benefits that come from having a work area where free experimentation can take place is vital to the work we do. Building upon knowledge from the sciences and utilizing expertise in engineering we then combine aspects of psychology and artistic passion.

We see a multitude of problems in our daily lives. Much of the time, it is incomprehensible as to why they exist. It is because of this that we design logical, simple, and robust products that are based upon the principle that good design is efficient.