The GEMI Principle

We are not afraid to tread our own path.

Our values and principles permeate through everything we do, as such, your relationship with us yields only the most efficient and exceptional products.

Seamless integration of iPad 2 Smart Cover with iPad 1.


Getting more from less. Efficiency is at the core of what we do and believe. We are passionate about efficient design and this can be seen in every product that we develop. As such we actively seek to design better rather than newer.

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36' x 18' gymnasium logo at J.E.B Stuart HS created using real time vectoring (RTV) scaling technology.


We believe in sustainable growth. Building upon our knowledge - in electrical engineering, network development, and computer hardware systems - we create products that are able to scale in terms of functionality, load, and administration. Our experience in developing scalable products has nurtured a deep understanding of both vertical and horizontal scaling and how to balance them for your particular needs.

Two 3x4 Modular LCD arrays onboard one of our Digital Mobile Advertising platforms designed and developed in-house, by GEMI.


Reusable, robust, and adaptable. Modularity reinforces our principle of efficiency. Creating independent units that are used in different systems to drive multiple functionalities reduces cost, facilitates augmentation, and creates durable, lasting systems.

Our Values