Smarter. More Efficient. Our Approach

Consisting of an open, multidisciplinary course of action based upon existing and acquired knowledge from everyday experiences, we are limited only by what we can imagine.

Our goal is to create an exceptional experience for you and your users so that it will function to facilitate your goals.

Open Collaboration

Maintaining constant communication with you during your entire project is essential in developing a product that truly reflects your ideas, values, and overall business goals. No one knows your business better than you and therefore, your knowledge and ideas on subject matter are invaluable.

Utilizing your input, imagination, and principles of good design we create an unforgettable experience for your users which translates into brand trust and loyalty.

Multidisciplinary Culture

We live and breathe our methods in everyday life, constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge. We at GEMI combine engineering principles and blend them with artistic passion. We then take our knowledge, experience, and expertise and apply it wherever necessary.

Be it during work or play, we apply principles of multidisciplinary study to ever aspect of our lives. This permeates into our lab projects and general work which greatly benefits our clients because what may seem extraneous may in fact produce a more efficient process method and/or product.

General Form Process

In Mathematics, specific formulas are derived from general form equations to facilitate the process of problem solving. Similarly, we use the process of "Define  ⇒  Understand  ⇒  Solve" as a general form process from which we base and derive other formulas and procedures.

An example of a derivation is that of our multidisciplinary approach. After considerable thought and analysis of what goes into proper design in regards to business we arrived at the iterative approach of: "Strategize  ⇒  Design  ⇒  Market". Traditionally, these disciplines are regarded as separate fields however we believe that these must be brought together in order to create an exceptional end product.

Form Type Examples

  • general form equation of a line
  • Ax + By + C = 0

  • y-intercept form
  • y = mx + b


  • general approach
  • Define  ⇒  Understand  ⇒  Solve

  • multidisciplinary approach
  • Strategize  ⇒  Design  ⇒  Market