We are a creative team, full of passion, driven to engineer and design only exceptional products & experiences.

Our principles set us apart.

We at GEMI are much, much more than conventional design and engineering. This is because we blend the technical and the aesthetic. We bring together a vast array of knowledge and experience from a myriad of disciplines and utilize that knowledge wherever necessary. When we're not designing websites or prototyping a new user interface you'll find us building robots, programming apps, and going into different fields of study to expand our knowledge base. If we find something that we don't like we fix it because questioning everything is our way of life.

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smarter design approach

Imagination, curiosity, and experience.

Our multidisciplinary approach may be seen as unconventional, however it is smarter and much more efficient. Not limited by closed though process we are able to arrive at solutions that are superior based on open, scalable, and modular technologies.

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Good design is fundamental.

Design is much more than pretty graphics. It pertains to - science, engineering, driving, reading, writing, programming, walking, biking, watching TV, surfing the web - everything we do and interact with. Bad design can be seen all around us making our lives miserable and frustrating us to no end. Fortunately for you, we understand and excel at good design.

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